Our Mission and Terms of Engagement

1. Our Purpose: We are a global alliance and action campaign that strives to reduce the risks of pandemics by addressing the root causes of zoonotic outbreaks – commercial wildlife trade, disruption of wild habitats, and wildlife dependence of poverty-affected livelihoods.

2. Our Philosophy: We emphasize and facilitate collaboration among all types of organizations (big and small, formal and informal) and citizens to deliver lasting positive impacts on frontline actions, public policies, business practices, and consumer behaviors.

3. Our Approach: We use the power of global crowdsourcing to identify, enhance and promote open-source solutions that anyone can replicate across sectors and at the appropriate scale, as well as monitor and measure their impacts.

4. Participants: We are always open to new participants. It is never too late to join.

5. How We Operate: We are light on organization and heavy on impact. This is how we work:

a. Steering Committee: Alliance participants form a steering committee, with periodic rotation, to guide the campaign’s strategy and operations. The steering committee meets online at least once every month.

b. Coordination Team: The steering committee sets up a small unit to coordinate day-to-day implementation of the campaign’s strategy and operations, including by maintaining the campaign’s website, calendar, and other collaboration tools.

c. Thematic Teams and Focal Points: The steering committee sets up thematic teams

(“collaboration tents”) to address specific elements of the campaign. Alliance participants join a thematic team and select among themselves a person to serve as the team’s focal point, with periodic rotation. A focal point leads the respective thematic team’s collaboration and provides weekly updates to the coordination team.

d. Asset Sharing: Alliance participants contribute to the growth of the campaign’s shared assets by adding or refining communication products, collaboration and monitoring tools, joint proposals, database of solutions, and more by donating time, goodwill, tools, contacts, etc.

e. Symbiosis (how each of us and the campaign can help one another): Alliance participants promote the campaign’s goals, while getting support back from the campaign by: (a) consulting and learning from one another; (b) joining forces on activities where it makes sense; (c) leveraging joint branding of activities. Potential competition in specific activities shall not undermine the campaign’s overall visibility and impact.

f. Collaboration Terms: Alliance participants apply the common rules of network etiquette and Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license terms in their use of the campaign’s shared assets.

g. Delegation: Alliance participants may delegate to one or more of the participating

organizations certain management support functions for the campaign’s shared assets, including but not limited to the administration of campaign donations. Such organization(s) shall disclose to the steering committee any conflicts of interest that may arise from time to time from carrying out these functions on behalf of the alliance.

Revision Revision 1.2

26 May 2020

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