Communications can be tricky — too much and it becomes noise, too little and people are in the dark.

EndPandemics invites anyone to become a member. Applications to join can be submitted online here on behalf of individuals and organizations. Once an application has been reviewed by coordinators, and individual can be added to one of the following 5 groups with increasing levels of corresponding access to our shared workspace and frequency of communications.


Workspace Access

[email protected]



[email protected]

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[email protected].earth

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[email protected]

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Tech Support

[email protected]

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Going further

Members of working groups are further encouraged to request an account with our alliance support platform. This allows targeted communications with leads and alliance members to be sent. For example, strategic outreach could be sent to all members who offered to make influencer introduction or to help with funding.

For more information, use messenger at right or send a mail to [email protected]

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