Why Submit an Event

As our alliance continues to gain traction and momentum, events help both fundraising and partnership opportunities to be able to refer to evidence of our group's comprehensive reach, audience, and joint collaborations. The following location on the web makes it easy to understand and review this common history. We can also use this location to list an upcoming event and to highlight past events.


As an alliance member, you are invited to list events at which you reference the EndPandemics.earth alliance and help to achieve our shared goals. Please submit the following form to have an event listed,

How to submit the form

Add few items to help people understand the event at a glance including,

  • title
  • description
  • date and duration
  • link for more info
  • cover photo (recommended)
  • event type

When completing the event type, consider whether this is an event hosted by your organization (alliance member event) or something focused on EndPandemics.earth (global alliance webinar/event).

If you have questions or suggestions about this, please reach out via the messenger at the bottom right of this page or send mail to [email protected]

Thank you!

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