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Coordination “Tents”

EndPandemics is lightly organized. We have different chat / messaging channels (aka “tents”). Each of the tents gives us a way to find the current focus and to coordinate with fellow alliance participants in real time. We strive to post a message at the top of the chat with our evolving timeline and focus as illustrated in the image below.

Collaboration Tent


Primary announcements and coordination.

Start by joining this tent and post a short hello when you arrive.


Protect & Expand Wildlife in Wild Habitat (PILLAR)

Habitat and Livelihoods: including indigenous subsistence hunting, farming and agroforestry, commercial fishing

STOP Trade

Stop Trade & Commercial Exploitation (PILLAR)

Enforcement, Security: includes a broad audience / general consumers, responsible consumption of wildlife, wildlife trade and exploitation more broadly towards phase out of commercial trade


Reduce Demand for Wildlife (PILLAR)

Campaigns, Stories, Laws: governance policy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), exotic pets, livelihoods

Other Tents

We also have tents for marketing, fundraising, tech support, projects, and coordination. Alliance participants who are regularly involved may be invited to these tents as the opportunity and interest arises. Once you join the central tent and have a Telegram account, you can ask to be invited to these additional working groups.

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