Welcome! 👋

This is a brief orientation to our collaboration space and a serves as a quick start guide.

Step 1. Complete the Join Form

You probably already completed our intake form for individuals — that's how you got here. In case you haven't, click the button below to do that now.

Need to update your listing?

No worries, just resubmit the join form or send a request via the chat messenger on the website or an email to [email protected]


Step 2. Read Mission and Rules of Engagement

As an Alliance participant you have to read and agree to our Rules of Engagement.


Step 3. Install Collaboration Tools

"We are light on coordination and heavy on impact".

Telegram Chat

We use Telegram for direct communication and coordination among participants. Please install the application on your mobile device and desktop. You can read more about participating via chat here.

Shared Workspace (Google Drive)

Alliance participants can download communication tools and work together on shared documents such as letters, PR announcements, articles, joint applications etc via Google Drive. After submitting the join form you'll be notified when access is enabled for your email.

* Note that you must have a Gmail or GSuite account to access the shared drive.


Step 4. Join a Weekly Call on Wednesday @ 2:00PM UTC

Our weekly calls are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the alliance and to meet other participants from all over the globe. Each call we share updates, spotlight organizations or participants, engage in breakout sessions, and in general coordinate. These weekly calls are conducted via Zoom and MURAL. You can read more about participating via the weekly call here.


Have a question or want some help?

Use the messenger on this site or send an email to [email protected] — see you soon!

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